Tuesday, July 13, 2010

(Ridiculous) Links of the Day

If you're like me and spent the last 30 days of your life eating, drinking and breathing the World Cup, you might be wondering what the rest of the world is upto. Specifically our part of the world. Without further ado, making sense of the ridiculous:

1. Unlike what many might think, not all Pakistanis are morons. Here's a
great story from one of my favorite parts of the country.
2. That being said we do have our fair share of morons.
Bigots in fact.
3. The previous story might make you think we're an uber-religious nation. We're not. Here's our worst-kept secret coming out.
By Fox News no less. Bye bye, hotel-worker inspired good publicity!
4. Speaking of that worst-kept secret, here's a hilarious blog post on what women in Pakistan, and much of South Asia infact,
do to 'protect' themselves. So true!
5. Since a post on Pakistan being ridiculous cannot be complete with a mention of how India is just as ridiculous, here's their media
twisting a telephonic conversation on Kashmir. By design or by mistake, this is something even Hamid Mir will have a tough time matching. How do they get away with this?!
6. Speaking of neighbors, here's an upcoming Indian movie, starring Ali Zafar,
which is facing problems due to its title. Ali Zafar may be a horrible singer, but kudos to him for having the guts to do this. I don't know why people would be so worked up about this, I mean last year Geo did a spoof on the militants and it was pretty funny and uncontroversial.
7. Talking of the bad guys, here's what the Taliban have concluded after fighting NATO.
They're so dumb, we could fight them with monkeys. Yup, you heard that right. I laughed 10 straight minutes after reading this.
8. Finally, since this is a post about ridiculous stuff, I might as well end with a ridiculous statement. Here's the Law Minister, no less,
telling us who our next Prime Minister will be. Thanks Sir, if I ever needed proof of your fake degree, I just got one.


  1. This is awesome. It's like Five Rupees but only younger, newer.

  2. haha. Am a fan of your sense of humor Mr. Umair.

  3. Mehreen is correct.This is like five rupees back when all of them actually blogged.