Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Winner of the 2010 Ballon d'Or!

So I was thinking who would win this year's Ballon d'Or, and I found myself in the same conundrum as many footballers playing against them: who to pick, Xavi or Iniesta? They're both World Cup winners with Spain, everything-possible-winners with Barcelona, and arguably the best midfield duo to have graced the game. Their telepathic exchanges are stuff of legends. So if I were FIFA, I'd do the honorable thing and give it to:


Yeah, both. This might sound silly, but choosing between these two fine men is unjust. Would Xavi be Xavi without Iniesta? Would Iniesta be Iniesta without Xavi? Would Barca or Spain win it all with just one of them? Hell, just watch this:

And that's why FIFA should make an exception this year, and give the award to both of them. Like a joint award. Just say the managers poll was tied or something. I mean they're FIFA, and based on what we saw and heard about the World Cup 2018/2022 selection process, pretty much everything is possible in football's headquarters! This time though, I'm sure the world will understand.


  1. Haha nice idea, except Don Andres was injured half of last year and wasn't really a key player for Barca. In fact, he only came back just before the WC anyway.

    It should be Xavi all the way.

  2. Xavi will probably win.

    But Iniesta's more than made up for that injury at the World Cup and especially during this current season. And when he was out last season, Barca lost to Inter in the Champions League. A contest, I dare say, they might have won if he'd been there.

  3. Agree completely, but you can hardly give him an award b/c of his absence, eh? Look, I love Don Andres, he's my second favorite player. But Xavi's contribution to club and country success in the last few years has been ridiculous.

  4. Your argument is good. But its about time a non goal scoring midfielder won the award. For too long have only goalscorers been given the award. Not saying that previous winners didnt deserve it, although some didnt (Cristi) however, it would be lovely to see xavi win it. He truly is a master at what he does, and not in recent memory can I recall someone better then xavi at what he does. A true centre midfielder if there was ever one.

  5. Excuse me, whatever the fuck happened to Wesley sneijder?

  6. I think Wesley Sneijder and Robben both have grounds to be significantly pissed off.

    I think Xavi inches out Iniesta. There should only ever be one winner, they don't split the prem title or the world cup. You have one winner, period.

  7. It's tough on Sneijder, but who'd he replace from these three? Some might say Iniesta, but he's been bloody brilliant off late and that might have colored some judgement.

  8. Feel for Sneijder no doubt, and Forlan too. My top 3 would've been Xavi, Sneijder and Messi, in that order.