Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Suck at Predictions but..

This is what I think/hope will happen!

Why Argentina? Because they can do this..

..and while this might be a bit of a problem..

..when you've got something like this on the field.. can fancy your chances!

Update: If the Argentines had any more incentive to win:


  1. Great post! Brackets americanize the beautiful game but I'll give it a shot:

    A1: France
    A2: RSA
    B1: Argentina
    B2: S. Korea
    C1: England
    C2: USA
    D1: Germany
    D2: Serbia
    E1: Holland
    E2: Cameroon
    F1: Italia
    F2: Paraguay
    G1: Brasil
    G2: Portugal
    H1: Spain
    H2: Chile

    Last 16:
    (1) France v. Korea = France
    (2) England v. Serbia = England
    (3) Germany v. USA = Germany
    (4) Argentina v. RSA = Argentina
    (5) Holland v. Paraguay = Holland
    (6) Brazil v. Chile = Brazil
    (7) Italia v. Cameroon = Italy
    (8) Spain v. Portugal = Spain

    (1) Holland v. Brazil = Brazil
    (2) France v. England = England
    (3) Germany v. Argentina = Germany
    (4) Cameroon v. Spain = Spain

    (1) Brazil v. England = Brazil
    (2) Germany v. Spain = Germany

    3rd: Spain v. England = Spain
    Final: Brazil v. Germany = Germany

  2. 1. Glad to know you're alive.
    2. Did you see France today? Pathetic.

  3. France was worse than I expected but they'll pull through this group, I hope. Domenech has a love affair with Gourcuff but he's no Zidane. Also, he still starts the Govou on the right flank. Good to see Patrice wearing the armband, though.

    Really want to see England go down tomorrow (too much annoying hype in London) but USA's ugly soccer elicits more hate from me than England's arrogance.